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    formatting / syncing
    I am new to Mac and my iPod Nano is formatted for Windows. I have transferred my library with no problem, however, I cannot get software updates because it is still formatted for Windows. How do I now format for Mac???

    Second, I downloaded three MP3 files that shows up under my ipod name > music folder but everytime I sync the files do not actually get onto the iPod...any suggestions??


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    When you connect the ipod to itunes, click on your ipod and in the main window you'll see a button that says Restore. Press it and it will reformat your ipod to mac. By clicking Restore, all your music will be deleted so make sure you have it all backed up somewhere.
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    MacBook / 07-2008; 2.4 Ghz / 2GB Memory / 160 HD
    Green iPod Nano / 4GB
    iPhone 4S / 12-2011; 16gb

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    hi there , i am a new mac user weeks ago i bought a macbook. i have a ipod 80 giga and it was windows format then i turned it in mac format but i used it to trasfer some data in other computers windows and formated it but not in itunes. and now it is not worikng in mac neither in windows. can anybody help me please... and sorry for my bed english

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    Question itouch not connecting
    Hi there
    My iPod touch has suddenly stopped responding when I plug it into my MacBook Pro via USB. It will not recharge or communicate with iTunes. It will however charge via the USB Power adapter when plugged into the wall. Any ideas?

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