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    Griffin EarJams...
    Any good?...or just another marketing gimic that no one really needs...?

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    I like mine: they seem to increase the volume (in other words, with them installed the volume seems louder), they stay in my ears better, they are more durable than the foam covers and the price is right; on the other hand they become uncomfortable if worn over a long period and the tone qualities are only marginally better. There is a comprehensive review on the iPod Lounge site at:

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    They look about the same quality as the original ones that comes with the iPod. They do look like they stay in your ear easy... and they're cheap!

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    You can look at the Sony EX-71. It's white in colour. One thing abt Sony earphones, they are too bassy. I'm using a Shure E2c. Worth paying for it. :headphone

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    Id recomend bying "over the head" or "behind the neck earphones" much more comftable and usually sound better. Or clip on ones but they tend to brake though. Theres one 19 pair on the apple store that look quite good

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    "Theres one 19 pair on the apple store that look quite good"

    But how do they sound?

    I recommend a trip to before buying audio gear, they've tried every phone around and can give better advice...

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    I thought about getting the earjams but decided to drop the extra $100 on Shure E2c's... Worth every penny.

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    the shure e2cs are great if you need it to be quiet..but they suck if you need to hear some thngs that are going on around you. i still use my stock headphones plenty but the e2cs are amazing

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    I just bought the EarJams and love them. They diminish the treble (which I like) and boost the bass. I also don't mind them in my ears as I sleep with ear plugs in to muffle the sound of my husband snoring. If you use the right size of silicone plug, they shouldn't be too uncomfortable (there are three sizes that come with the EJ's.) They also significantly pump up the volume on the headphones, which ultimately will save you on battery life in the end. I ordered them via the Amazon used and new method for $7.70, brand new. I placed my order on Sunday night and they came to my house on Wednesday via UPS.
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    Wow...I bought a pair of ear jams and HATE them.

    Soon after I purchased some Sony MDR-EX71's (white) from Amazon (best price around). These are good phones for people who don't want the bass of Ear Jams.
    I also have a pair of Shure E2's. These phones are excelent and even a good price at $99.

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