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    Question Touch: will it slow down my wireless n
    I passed this topic on a forum at some point but have not been able to track it back down.

    I'm considering getting an Ipod Touch. Does using an Ipod Touch on my wireless n Airport Extreme drop the connection with my MBP down to a b/g connection. Is it necessary to have another router (maybe an Express) to take on the lower Ipod touch signal?

    I will not have the Touch online that often at home. Likely only to sync things if I keep my MobileMe account, or to play around if my wife is on the computer, but I am curious about the signal.

    Thanks for any help.

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    It'll drop it down to G.

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    Yep, that's the fine print on most wireless N ( or A )routers, ALL devices connected to it must be N rated or else the router will run at the slower protocols...

    unless you are moving some serious traffic over your local LAN (no not internet) the difference between N and G is not even worth debating.

    If you want a good throughput on your LAN go wired and get a router that supports gigabit ethernet.
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    Thanks. Sounds like it might not be a drastic change in speed anyway. I'll only be putting it through usual home use, not a whole lot of traffic.

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    It wouldn't really matter. Your network might be rated for 54Mbs but your internet connection is likely no more that 15Mbs. Unless you are streaming video to an ATV or something similar, you won't see a difference.

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