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    Question Syncing ipod and playing music off iPod afterwards
    Hi there everyone,

    I would like to keep my itunes library and iPod synced but I want to be able to play the music off my ipod as well. At the moment if I sync my ipod then, say, plug it in to a computer at Uni and play through winamp my iPod gets corrupted and acts as empty. If I open the ipod in iTunes or mac or windows the music is greyed out and I can't play it.

    Is there a way of syncing and still being able to access the music directly on the ipod?

    Many thanks in advance!
    Simon :-)

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    The only way to play the music on your ipod is if you manually manage your music. This will disable syncing your itunes library but you are still able to add songs by dragging it to your ipod. By clicking the "Manually manage.." box you will not only be able to play your music but also add songs from different computers. I know that you stated that you want to keep all in sync but that's the best solution I can think of. I hope it helps. If you need me to clear things up just let me know.
    eMac .

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