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    How?: 1 Gen. 5GB iPod back to OS9 from OSX...
    I have 'inherited' a 1st generation 5gb ipod that has previously been used with OSX. I now want to use it with OS9.22 on a G3 graphite iMac. How do I acheive this? Do I need to reformat/completely wipe the ipod or can I connect it to to the G3 running OS 9 via the firwire cable and will it be able to sort itself out from there? (there are currently music files on it that I don't want to keep).

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    have you tried connecting it to the g3? I think it may not even be possible, as the ipods software is newer if up to date and will require itunes 4.7, which is not classic(9.2) compatible. and if you wipe it clean on os x, it may work as long as you dont update the ipods software so it has the original ipod software on it. so try connecting it via firewire to the g3, if it doesnt work, Id say reformat it using the ipod utility.

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