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    Question Itunes added 3gb of "other"
    Hi. I just transferred my Itunes library from my old Vista to my new Vista. I transferred using my ipod as a flash drive and just transferring it to my new computer. Upon completing the transfer I checked my Ipod in the status bar and it said I had 3gb of "other" which I don't remember adding. I looked online for a solution and tried everything I could. I deleted old libraries my ipod was holding and the whole album artwork folder. To my dismay after finishing all of these tasks, restarting my computer numerous times, and finally doing a Spyware Doctor Full Scan, Itunes was still hold the 3gb hostage. Please help. I am in desperate need and I don't want to buy another Ipod it will take to much money and time. Thank you. Any posts are welcome. Thanks again for all support.

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    Jul 13, 2008
    *UPDATE* Hey I just fixed my Ipod! No need to reply to this or to lecture me. For future reference for anyone that didn't know. All you have to do is restore your Ipod and it should work. I got rid of that pesky 3gb of "other" (that little monster) and now my Ipod is completely fixed and I'm happy as can be. Thanks for reading if anyone did. Even if you didn't post. Thanks.

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