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Thread: Audio only coming out of one earphone

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    Audio only coming out of one earphone
    I have a fifth generation 30gb iPod that recently won't play through my right earphone. I thought it was the headphones, but I got a new pair and have the same problem. I restored my iPod twice, and each time audio came out through both earphones for about five minutes and then went back to just coming through the left. Any advice or ideas? Thanks a lot.

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    This may sound stupid but are you sure that the the headphone jack is plugged all the way into the ipod...maybe it pulls out a little whilst you are listening to it...thats all i got...good luck

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    It's most likely a problem with the headphone socket. If you wanted to fix it by yourself, you would have to open up your iPod and replace the old socket with a new one. Wouldn't recommend it though. I opened up my Mini to replace the battery, and within a week it had a hardware failure.

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    I have opened quite a few up and it can be done but its very difficult and unless you are risky... dont attempt.... Try this first though:

    Jiggle the heck out of the earphones when they are plugged in. Possibly a loose connection could get re-connected. I have one right now that if I hold the earphone jack to the left a little then I can get it to work... not good for running or being on the move, but the hard drive ones arent supposed to be moved rapidly anyway.

    Also remember that the audio can come out of the bottom too. I have a few little speaker plug in things that plug into the bottom and that I use at home. Even though my headphone jack is messed up, that works like a dream. You can get some of these for under 30 bucks that sound decent and even have a remote... thats an option.

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    The headphone jack is notorious for being faulty. If any sort of moisture came anywhere close (including steam from the shower!) than that can cause problems. In this case, it sounds like one of the prongs is bent and not properly connecting to the headphone jack. You may have to pay for a replacement or try to fix it yourself.

    Good luck!
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    after what u said i think i now know what happened to my ipod ]= i went to have a shower but my i[od was in my pants pocket so i thought ok il leave it between these towels itl b fine...i was wrong only have sound out of 1 head phone unless i hold it in a certain possition which is very frustrating because im on the go a lot and i use my ipod to play music back thorugh an amplifer for drumming >.< i suppose it will cost me a fortune to fix it now but i guess it was my own lazyness in the first place..thanks btw if it wasnt for your post i wouldnt have known what went wrong with it [=

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    I know, this post is old, but this is relevant. I had the same problem, just replaced the headphone jack correctly, no cables damages. I have experience working on iphones, replacing all sorts of parts. Now I have the exact same problem with the new headphone assembly, right after I installed it. Any ideas? a solder on the circuit board?

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