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    Enabling disk use on Touch to use senuti...
    I just downloaded and installed Senuti 0.50.1 and am trying to get music off of my iPod Touch and
    onto iTunes on my new Mac.

    I followed all of the instrucations carefully, holding down the command and option keys as I
    plugged in the iPod. I then let go of them once the iPod appeared. Once in the iPod menu within
    iTunes, I clicked on the "Summary" tab, scrolled down, but could not find an "Enable Disk Use"
    option. In all of the screen shots I've seen, it shows an "Enable Disk Use" option with their iPod
    settings, but not with my Touch!!!

    I figure this can't be a problem with Senuti, but perhaps more with the iPod or iTunes. I can't even
    test Senuti if I can't enable disk use!

    Any tips or advice?

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    I can't even get my touch to show up when i use senuti!

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    Make sure you're using the latest beta it's part way down the page 0.50.2b7

    If you have an ipod touch ignore the part about disk use enabling.
    Make sure itunes isn't set to start when an ipod is connected, then close it down fully.
    Just start Senuti run through the intial wizard until the app starts properly and a message in the middle of the app window says "insert an ipod to get started". Just plug your touch in and it will show you it's contents almost instantly.

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    Thanks for the tip mrplow. I tried the beta, and you were right, the Touch showed up instantly.

    However, once I actually highlighted all of my songs and clicked "transfer," every song came up with an error message saying "this song cannot be copied, etc"

    So now Senuti won't transfer my music...

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