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    Best plastic film screen cover?
    Can someone tell me what the best screen cover for the ipod touch is? I am looking for something that completely covers the front of the iPod to protect it from scratches. I heard that some screen covers make it difficult to use the touch controls so I need something that is strong and won't start peeling off and won't affect the controls at all.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Invisible shield
    I just ordered one of these invisible shields for an iPhone 3g. I have seen on other sites that they are the best on the market.

    Hope this helps

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    True. I have had one on my iPhone for a year and you can't scratch it. Going to get one for the new phone too...

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    Invisible shield all the way. Best protector I've used on any device. My iPod touch is pristine and no drop in touch screen response.

    I'll be ordering one for the iphone3g as soon as my pre-order goes in.

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