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    Hey... new to this place, already have a question
    hey everyone! whats going on? New to Leopard and this forum, but im already having an issue haha.

    So I have an iPod with a corrupted database and no backup. This is a problem for me because my only copies of my music files are on my iPod. Since iTunes cant read my database, it wont allow me to enable disc use.

    So i guess I have a few questions

    1.) Can I enable disc use or something on my iPod in terminal to allow it to show up as an external hard drive?

    if not, can I use Tech Tools Pro to make a backup of my drive?

    one more thing I should mention. My iPod HDD is pwned kinda bad. It wont allow me to make a disc image of it, and it freezes when I try to transfer hidden files directly to my Mac HDD.

    any help ideas or suggestions would be rad.

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    Hi there and welcome.

    Try posting this is the ipod section of M-F.

    A good way to get no responses here is to post a tech question in Anything Goes. There's just too much traffic here for someone to find it. Anything goes is more like the socializing section of M-F.

    good luck with that ipod.
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    Moved to correct forum.
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