I recently broke my ipod video. I am in search of a new ipod now. i liked the size of the video due to the screen and feel of it. I was thinking i could get another ipod video but they are old and yeah. (thats really my only point lol but a new one is always nice). I was also thinking that i could buy a refurbished ipod classic off of applestore.com. they are about 250$ with tax USD where i live. also local selling sites have ad's where people have listed them as low as 200$ USD flat. Money is sort of an issue, seeing as a have a summer job but i would rather not blow it all to replace a darn ipod. another option is to buy a used ipod video for 100$ or a used 8GB nano but i doubt ill do that. so i guess im leaning towards a new ipod classic, refurb.(apple store) one, or used one.

Also, besides the cover flow and new interface on the classic, is there anything else that has been changed or made better about the ipod classic?