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    iPod plays... but I can't hear it
    I have an 80GB iPod which has just developed a fault...

    Initially, I could not hear it when it played... I rebooted it and all was OK until it was turned off.. next time I turned it on I could see that it was playing but could not hear it again...

    again, did the 2-button trick and it played but no sound...

    now, I can hear it as I hold down the Play button but, of course, only for about 2 seconds, as this turns it off...

    anyone got any bright ideas??

    If I reformat it and then spend hours re-loading all my music, will this make any difference or do we reckon it's just knackered and needs replacing??

    Although it hasn't been dropped/crushed whatever, my personal feeling is that the problem is not electronic and more likely to be mechanical...
    Where's the right-click button?

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    How old is it? I'd get in touch with Apple.

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