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    10 iPod questions
    I'm thinking about buying a 20 GB iPod. Before I do, I had some questions;
    1. Is there a sleep timer that can be set to turn off (in case I nod off)
    2. Can I use my portable CD players cassette car adaptor to pipe sound through the speakers-will it work
    3. Other than playing tunes, what is the next best feature of an iPod
    4. Is it easy to transfer tunes from my desk top mac to the iPod and will any song that I've ripped from my CD collection onto my desk top transfer
    5. How much space does an average size audiobook download take up
    6. Will I be sorry for not buying the 40 GB - I don't have a ton of music
    7. How does the sound quality compare to a good porable CD player
    8. Can the iPod be played through any external speaker jack like my desk top speakers at work (windows)
    9. Is the iPod photo worth consideration
    10. How does the iPod behave while jogging or physical activity - no stuttering I hope

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    1 Yes
    2 Yes
    3 Books on tape (or CD)
    4 Yes, Yes there are some restrictions on downloaded songs unless from Apples music store. I don't think there are any restrictions on CD's you ripped.
    5 I average about 100 MB per 90 minute tape for audiobooks. I haven't downloaded audio books yet.
    6 I bought the 20 and am thinking I should have bought the 40.
    7 I can't tell the difference
    8 I think yes, if they take standard CD player type output
    9 I don't know. You can store photos on a regular iPod but you can't show them to people. I don't carry pictures of my kids. Other people do.
    10 No problem while jogging. There may be a limit to how many times you can drop it on cement. I have only tested it once.

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    3. I love using my ipod as an external firewire hard drive, it makes it so easy to store and backup files.
    4. yes, ipod will accept just about any format you can rip a cd to.
    8. yes

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    Very cool! You made up my mind for me. I'll go get one.
    Thanks for the information.

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