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    Group Compilations when browsing - On iPod?
    Hi all at macforums!

    I'm new here and have a couple of questions:

    1. Can you make the ipod hide all artists from compliations like in iTunes?

    2. On the subject of playlists- On my first export to my ipod I made a couple of playlists for the music: "Great albums", and "Must listen to". The problem is that selecting these playlists on the ipod just lists all of the songs. Is there a way to select a playlist and then be shown a list of the albums (or have I got the wrong idea about playlists?).

    I'm really an album person and I know that the ipod (and itunes) is more about "the song". Does anyone have any tips on the best way of using playlists on the pod?


    Jon (20Gig 4G ipod / windows iTunes)

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    I don't know if this is what your aiming for, but what I did was make a playlist for every CD that I have. I don't think you can search for artist after you enter a playlist.

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