Here's the situation. My brother-in-law sold me an iPod Photo he found, and asked that I transfer the songs back to the PC for him before taking it.

I plugged in my iPod Mini charger cord, and the display showed it to be charging. After transferring the songs, I decided to do a restore to clear anything out before taking it with me. iTunes stated that I needed to plug it into an AC Charger (which I later purchased a USB AC Charger), but when I plug it in, the only thing that shows up is an icon of an AC Charger and wall outlet. I tried to restart it, but the icon of a lightning bolt through the battery (non-animated) would show up, blink a few times, then the outlet icon comes back.

How do I get this iPod to charge again? I know it's not my USB cord, as the mini works perfectly with it on the PC and with the AC Charger.

I've searched with Google, but all the results are basically explanations about the icons (useless to me), and if I did find useful info, it didn't work.