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    Insurance or a really good case
    I happen to know I'm getting a mini for christmas. my only problem is i'm a bit reckless (err, 3 cell phones down in one year...) and best buy only lets you get a warranty at the time of your purchase. so, does anyone know of anyone that offers insurance, or of any good cases. also, has anyone heard of ipod resq (part of mac resq) and whether or not they are reliable. thanks.

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    Try checking out your / your partner's / your parents' (whichever is appropriate) home contents insurance. That might cover you, like it did when my powerbook was nabbed. They might not be so kind on 'recklessness', mind, and that goes for any insurance company

    Why not just be careful with it? For example, all cellphone incidents I've had have happened whilst out getting drunk on Saturday. So I never bring my iPod out on a Saturday session (It makes you look like a big girl anyway). It's unscathed - apart from a very small dent in one corner which hit the ground getting out of the car. The rest of it was protected from the belt-clippable case that came with it.

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