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    Please help. . .I am new
    Just purchased an iMac G5. I am trying to transfer my iPod songs from my iPod to my new Mac. The program is telling me that it cannot do anything without restoring my iPod, which will erase everything. It was originally formatted for a Windoze PC. Please help. Can I format to a Mac without losing anything?

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    It shouldn't have to reformat since OS X can read the windows file systems. If you open up iTunes it should show up in the Source bar
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    you can't transfer songs from an iPod to a computer without special software, Apple doesn't want you to be able to do it so it isn't built into iTunes. I don't know the name of the software you need but I remember seeing a review of different ones at

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    It thinks your going to duplicate the songs... Apple just doesn't want you to illegally download songs, or share them.

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    Here's the link to the article at iPod Lounge: Once you have copied your iPod contents to the computer you'll have the same music library on the G5 that you had on your pc. Now you can reformat the iPod if necessary.

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    there is a program called Ipod Access that allows you to upload your songs from i pod to i tunes. The only problem is that you can only upload 5 songs at a time with the demo version. That gets very annoying. I'm sure you can search for it on the website.

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    ipod browser works good.

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    Here's a shareware program that will do the transfer:

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