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    iPod on iMacs without Firewire?
    I have an older iMac (it came with OS 8.6 -- I've since upgraded to OS 9.2.2) and I bought an iPod mini the other day for my fiancee, but try as I might, I can't get my iMac to detect it. I'm using iTunes 2.0.4 and even though I don't have a Firewire port, I've tried plugging it in through my USB port, but no dice (the device list in my control panel, however, shows that my computer recognizes it as an iPod, but iTunes does not). No iPod icon shows up in my iTunes source list or on my desktop. Is there any way to get it to work or am I out of luck? It's strange that Apple allows PC users to use USB to transfer to their iPod, but not older Mac users like me. I read that the iPod mini requires Mac OS X and a Firewire port on Macs before I bought it, but I thought (perhaps stupidly) [FONT=Times New Roman]there must be some (albeit slower) way I could get it to work. Was I wrong? I can still return the iPod for a refund (minus the Best Buy restock fee), but before I do, I just wanted to see if anyone had any tips. Thanks in advance...

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    I think the problem lies with the OS, not with the method of connection.

    I've used a 4th gen iPod with USB cable and my iBook without any hitches.
    The only problem you will have is that transfer speeds will be quite low since I'm guessing you only have a USB 1.1. connection and not USB 2.0.

    But apart from that it should work. The problem is that you need to upgrade to OS X...

    Sucks I know, but maybe it's time to move on?

    Or just take it back...

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    yup, as I recall, I think ipod mini requires itunes4.0 or higher to run. plus, an upgrade into OS x, panther maybe, would give your computer new life.

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    Macman is right. The new iPods, including the mini, require iTunes 4, which works only on OS X. Only the original iPod will work on OS 9/iTunes 2 but you'd have to find a used one.

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