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    ipod accessory compatibility?
    I am buying a new 160gb ipod and have some old accessories from my older ipod video like car charger, etc....will those still work with this model?
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    I believe they are, so you should be okay. I've scrutinized the ipod connector cable in its packaging and it looks the same size as the one I own. Now as far as protective cases go, that I do not know. I'm looking for a case for my 5th gen ipod video and all the kinds available in stores now have "ipod classic" written on the package. So I'm uncertain if it'll fit mine. With yours going the other way (old to new) it's unknown to me since I do not have an ipod classic.
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    "Dumb" accessories such as chargers, docking speakers etc should work fine. "Smart" accessories, such as the camera connector, certain FM tuners or car hifi adapters may not.

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