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Thread: I get a loud "click" between songs on my iPod

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    I get a loud "click" between songs on my iPod
    Hi all,

    I have a 30GB Classic iPod that I use in my car with an iTrip playing through my FM radio. It seems to work well, except I get this loud and annoying "click" between songs. I've never used ear buds, so I don't know if would be audible there, too.

    Could this be associated with shuffle? The change it creates shifting between songs? I haven't tried it with shuffle off , but that would seem boring to me, all songs in an album one after another...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW, believe it's out of warranty by now, it's 2 years old...

    Thanks, Noel

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    Maybe you should experiment... before you came here.... i mean its pure lazyness that you have just told us..... You can test it for yourself, but regardless of that.... You might have LOUD click on...... which means each time you scroll through songs it makes clicking sounds... so that might be it with that...

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    Thanks for your help....

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    Wait a sec there, ReV...this must be some kind of joke...I've had the 30-gig iPod for over two years, and this is the first I've ever heard of an alleged option to make your iPod click between songs, especially with a "LOUD" mode...just checked, and sure enough there's no such option in the settings. There's the SCROLL click, which is different, but I think Noels meant that one song ends, he hears a click, then hears the next song, then hears a click, etc.

    A few things come to mind...

    1) Listen to the iPod via headphones or other device and see if the clicks are still there. If they are, then...

    2) ...listen to the same songs on your computer in your iTunes library. If the clicks are there, then there must have been a problem during the rip, and you'll probably need to re-rip the songs (that is, assuming they were ripped from a CD in the first place!). If you re-rip and the clicks are still there, there's a problem possibly with the ripper or maybe even with iTunes during the transfer. Make sure your iPod has the latest firmware and that you're using the latest iTunes.

    3) Or it could just be the way the iTrip reacts. Those transmitters are never predictable; so many variables in place and you can get any number of undesirable elements.

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    Thanks for your reply. I've been out of town, so sorry I couldn't respond earlier. And I think ReVoLuTiOn was giving me some juice there...

    Anyway, the songs in my iTunes libraries play great on all 3 of my computers. They move from one song to the next (in shuffle) and I never hear any unwanted noise, much less clicks. I believe it's in the iPod/iTrip chain as you suggest. I have a feeling that the iTrip transmission may amplify the iPod when it transfers between songs.

    I don't happen to have any earphones, but will try it with the ear buds to see if I can discern any noise that way.

    I appreciate your suggestions, dauber.

    I thought perhaps some other iPod automotive user may have had the same problem and figured it out, but that doesn't look to be the case...


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