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    Cheap iPod Touch on eBay, too good to be true?
    Hey, I am new here so please forgive me if I am breaking any rules posting about this.

    I am looking to buy an iPod Touch but I am "financially disabled" so I can not shell out $300 for one from Apple. I have been searching through eBay for a few days now and I have seen many used and new units being sold. What I am wondering about is that many of them are priced very low, between $20 and $70. It really has a "too good to be true" feeling, so I was wondering if anyone here has purchased one of these units and if you were scammed or if everything went fine. I am not too experienced with buying used items online so I am not exactly up to date on internet scams and I want to make sure I am not walking into a trap. Any advice about this would be very helpful, below are some examples of the eBay listings I have come across.

    Thanks for your time.

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    G'day dresum and welcome o the Forums.

    Don't know if you have ever purchased much on auction sites, but be aware the real bidding starts only with five minutes to go and frenzies in the last minute. They look cheap now but expect the price to be about $200 by closing time.

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    I agree with Harry... Also I would look at the feedback on Ebay. If the person selling it has plenty of feedback that is 100% or close to 100% positive, most likely you are in the clear... If not, then I would watch out. Also, make sure to read each auction clearly... If you see something like "You could get an iTouch for .... or I will show you how to.... Run away as fast as you can! (Ok maybe not really.. But those annoy the heck outta me). Anyways, like harry said the bidding doesn't begin until the final minutes of ebay. I have sold plenty of stuff on there that in the last 10 minutes the price will double-triple (kinda fun to watch ) before ending.

    Also, after checking the three auctions you posted I would think they are all legit. The second one I may be hesitant as he only has 2 postings in feedback, but this can also be a good thing. If you are willing to risk it you can sometimes get a better deal from someone with little feedback since many people won't bid out of fear of the unknown. So up to you

    I hope my rambling had some helpful tips for ya and good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I will wait for those auctions to get closer to the end date so I can get a better idea of how the bidding happens. If anyone has more advice for me, please don't hold back. Thanks again.

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    Have you checked the prices on macmall? They retail for about $30-$50 less on their website.
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