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    fading songs into each other
    does anyone know how to make songs play through ipod, but in a way that they fade into each other? so that you dont have to wait untill the song is finished before the next one starts.
    -would be great for a party, without the awkward silence at the end of a song.

    ive tried "crossfade playback" in itunes prefrences, set it to 12, but there is no difference.. unless thats just for making the song go softer?

    please help me if you can! any suggestions will be muchly appreciated.

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    Im afraid I don't have the direst answer to your question, but if its for a larger party mix I use traktor on my mbp or use garage band and creates a large mix. Im sure there is an easier way but if all else fails then try it

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    If you want to do it in iTunes, then you use, (like you said), Crossfade Playback through the options.

    This works when you have a playlist going on or if you have the songs set to "Repeat 1/all"

    The seconds mean how many seconds are going to be left in the song until the crossfade will be executed.

    So in your case, when 12 seconds are left in the song, it will fade the song playing out while fading in the new song in the line up.

    Though, I'm not sure if it will work in the iPod.

    I believe you can also make a gapless album, but I don't know if that works for what you want.


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