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    Well, *sorry if this has been posted before* recently my iPod has been acting up.
    I would plug it into my computer (ive had my ipod for baout 3 months and has work perfectly until now), it freezes on DO NOT DISCONNECT, the whole screen freezes. I had left it to charge overnight, and i came in the morning and found it it had frozen at like 10PM last night. I unplug it, and nothing happens. stays frozen on DO NOT DISCONNECT. the hold switch sign, if hold was on when it frozen, stays even when i turn it off. I let the batteries run down, reset it listen, it works, but then i plug it and it freezes again. ive tried up dating but it dont work.
    any suggestions?

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    The iPod stays on the do not disconnect sign as long as you have the iPod mounted.

    In iTunes you can click on the iPod and at the bottom right corner you will see a picture of the iPod with an eject symbol. Click that and wait for the iPod say OK to disconnect
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    this happened to me recently, turned out the cable was just loose.

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    if your not way too attached take it back to apple thel give you a brand new one it just happend to me. read my story tittled (apple service top......) but that should take care of if not try someother things if its not covered under waranty or somethan othere wise idk.

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