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    Question iTunes/Music Match
    I'm a n00b, so please forigive me if this has been asked/answered before.

    I was a Musicmatch user and downloaded a boatload of songs. How do I get them to load up/play on my iPod?


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    ugh *shudder* music match...

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    Gee Thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by xwonderboy85x
    ugh *shudder* music match...
    Wow. that really helps.

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    I think Music Match has the features built in that allow you to sync with an iPod. Before iTunes for PC that is what I had to use. It has a been awhile so I forget how it works though.

    You could just download itunes, then within iTunes just go to File> Add Folder to library, then point it to where all the songs are. Then use iTunes to get them to your iPod.

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