well a while ago my ipod just started to go nuts like the screan you could hardley c and it was starting to frezze alot. it started to make a beeping chirping sound when i would push the button not the chirping that it normally does when resting or whatever, but it would b e like chirpo chirp, and i didntpay attention till i took it to the apple store, the first timethe lady was like well well reset it and if there are still problems bring it back, and i was like ok so i took it home same problems brought it back no questions asked the guy replaced it. i wasant entirely surpised cause i heard apple had good service but this was great, and i was so happy i chose apple over dell or whatever because there service is really top of the line along with there products, but you will always have lemons, which i dont even think i can call mine cause the guy said i would have worse problems down the road, and it would just be easier to replace Also i had a 15 gig and the guy gave me what looked like a new 15 gig one out of a brown box but it still had the dont steal music thing on it just it was just the ipod, im guessing there just the new ones that are left since they make the new ones, they use to replace them. has anyone ever had this simmilar situation