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    DESPERATE: Wont download video
    Ive tried everything. My files are in MP4 format, are the right size, everything. The problem is, everytime i try to drag a video on my touch it says "BLANK was not transferred to BLANK's Ipod because it can not be played on this Ipod"

    I've tried this with many MP4 videos, and all get the same message. I bought this touch used and now think their may be some defect. I've tried restoring it, but the same message comes everytime

    Is some setting for video wrong? or is this a malfunction with my 16gb touch? I have not tried to download and videos from the iTunes store, only ones ripped with handbreak (but are positively in proper format)

    If anyone can offer help or suggestions, id much appreciate it.

    EDIT: im on itunes 7.6.2, does this affect anything?

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    Try using Handbrake to reformat your video. Here's the link and use hires ipod format. This works on mine.

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