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Thread: weird issues...

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    weird issues...
    Hi guys

    I've been having some strange things happening on my touch. It's a 32gb NON jailbroken unit which I bought in March. A couple weeks ago, I was using Safari and suddenly it froze (like Windows) and the phone turned itself off... but not exactly, it stayed on the black screen with the glowing apple for like 3 minutes and then I knew something was wrong, so I pressed the sleep button for like 10 seconds and it suddenly turned on right into the Safari browser again. Then everything was normal.

    This has happened like 3 or 4 times more, and sometimes it just freezes and I can't touch anything and then it un-freezes and it works fine. I've started turning the unit off when I'm not using it for a period of time and I think it kinda helps.

    Is this somehow common? Cause I take extremely good care of it, it has never dropped to the ground at all, I always keep it in it's box when it's not being used and I when I use it it's probably like 3 or 4 times a week for like an hour each time, just listening to music.

    The only thing I do is I use it in my car. I have a Pioneer headunit that's made for using it with an iPod, it came with a USB cable for you to plug in the iPod with it's own cable to it, so I control the unit keeping it in the glovebox with just the controls on the headunit, just like an iPod, with a wheel and stuff.

    One other thing. I live in Peru, so I have the date and time setting to the Lima Peru time zone in the iPod. My computer is also set to the same timezone. Everytime I plug the unit to the computer, the timezone changes into INDIANAPOLIS... weird cause everything in my whole computer says Lima Peru as a timezone... does iTunes have a timezone setting of it's own too ?

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    Here i will address each question.......
    1.I was having this same problem. Try to manually reboot (Hold Power and home button down for about 5 seconds) it or even restore it thru iTunes. I rebooted it and it seems to be working now.

    2.I don't know if it is common but with iPhones I know these little bugs are common, It is such a sophisticated device it is bound to have bugs.

    3. Try going into settings/general/date and time/and then maybe switch off or on set automatically.

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