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    Should i get an ipod now or wait?
    I am thinking of getting a new ipod from the new London store when it opens on the 18th November, but i have the feeling that now that now the ipod photo is out, in a few months all ipods will have a colour screen and i would just have a grayscale one.. should i wait or not bother and just buy it anyway??

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    Why would all iPods have a color screen? The only time you'd really use it would be for viewing photos, so why would music-only iPods have color screens? It would just add extra pricing to the iPods, so Apple probably isn't going to do it.

    Sorry, I think you're better off buying now.

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    Just get an iPod Photo...

    Personally I wouldn't mind seeing color screens on just-music ipods. Sure, color screens aren't necessary but they are nice. If I was certain that in the near future they would be released I would wait for one, but since we really have no idea, I would say just get the regular iPod.

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