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    iPod screen // iPod battery questions
    first of all, my screen has some scratches on it and it pisses me off because it wasnt some cheap 30$ player, it was the 499$ 40GB model, so is there any way to buff them out, or any solutions? also, my battery doesnt seem to last long, so is there a good external battery case like something with AA batteries that is dependable?

    thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macman

    I bought some of that when I had a 3G, it helped but it still looked scratched. I like my iPod mini, it doesn't scratch nearly as easy, it still looks new after a couple months of taking it everywhere.

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    thanks everybody, my scratches on my screen seem kind of light so it should work! i hope! thanks everyone.

    people on this forum are extremely helpful so far by the way.. gotta love it. :mac:

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