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    Question iPOD Touch vs iPOD Classic? Durability Q
    Alright I'm considering buying an iPOD mainly to listen to while I work. I've slimmed it down to the two mentioned above but I'm only left wondering about the reliability/track record of the iPODS, considering that I'm an electrician and it'll probably see a bump or two. I'm not saying I'm going to be hard on it but things can sometimes happen and I want to know which of the two might take an "accident" a little better than the other. My only concern is that the Classic uses a HD and that kinda scares me, whereas the Touch is a Flash powered POD and might take a bump a little better than a HD. Anyone have any opinions?

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    I think that if one of them does see damage, the one that will least benefit would be the touch.

    The iPod's touch just has one big screen. If that gets damaged or cracked, then you might have to re-buy one or try and get it fixed... Not sure on the price.

    The standard click-wheel model seems more durable. I haven't dropped my touch yet, and plan not to, but I remember dropping my iPod 20gb Click Wheel model a couple years ago and it continued to work fine. It was dropped a few times actually...

    Hope I could help.

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