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    Hey everyone, frequent visitor, not so frequent poster. Hope I am putting this in the right spot but here goes anyway. I recently sold my 80GB iPod Classic in anticipation of getting an iPod Touch. I really want the 32GB Touch but I am a little weary. The WWDC is coming up in June and rumors are floating around like crazy in regards to the iPhone, but I haven't seen or heard anything about the iPod Touch. I was wondering if anyone around here has heard anything about the Touches that may or may not be changing soon like around the time of WWDC. I would really hate to shell out for the 32GB and it drop in price or even more drastic a larger capacity version come out a month later. Thanks for reading along.

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    haven't yet heard anything, but good luck. maybe buy a cheap ipod nano on ebay until then?
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    Yeah There really are not any rumors floating around about any new iPod touch hardware changes. I think your safe buying it now. WWDC is a developers conference focused on developing of platforms not really the time they would drop any new iPod release if you ask me.

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