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    Touch wont play on the tv anymore
    I have been using my iPod Touch to play converted movies on the tv but I plugged it in today and suddenly I only get sound - no picture. Before when I connected the Touch to the tv, I and pressed play I got the prompt - Do you want to play this on the tv? The picture/video on the Touch didnt move but it was output onto the tv. Now it only plays on the Touch - nothing on the tv.

    Im using the Apple tv connector cable and have been using it successfully for the past 3 months.

    Any ideas??

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    First thing to do is always, unplug the cable at both ends and re-plug them in to make certain nothing has come loose.
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    Yeap, tried that. Tried to plug it into the front and the back tv plugs but no go. iPod works fine - I reckon it must be a problem with the TV ^ its getting old. Will try on a friends new tv tomorrow.

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