I was wondering if any of you guys would be able to help... I'm not sure if there have been similar posts to this before, so apologies if this is just duplicating information...

Ok, basically, I've had a 15Gb 3G iPod for a couple of months and its been working fine on XP SP2, with iTunes 4.7. However, today when I was syncing it a message came up saying that in order to update particular songs, I would need to download new software for the iPod 2004-10-20. I did this, however, the syncing still did not work. About 70 songs that are in my iTunes library were not copied over to the iPod library.

Just to clarify, that I have the option of "Automatically update all songs and playlists" selected, so surely it should work?

I then ran the updater software again and restored the factory settings to my iPod, removing all files, and ran the sync again. However, this time, only 233 out 750 songs were copied onto my iPod!

Does anyone know whats going on?! I miss my iPod!



Dell inspiron 510m, iPod 3G 15