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    iPod Mini static problem
    I updated some music onto my ipod last night, went to use it this morning, and got this incredibly loud static sound, cutting out the music. This only happened when the ipod was touching something, like my hand scrolling through music. Every apple product i buy, breaks. This sucks

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    This is a well-documented problem with the iPod mini (well, not by Apple...). I think you can just take it into the store and they'll replace it. Some links for you:

    Some guy actually took his mini apart and found that it's because there isn't a good connection between the headphone jack and the logic board.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks alot, I wonder if apple will let me exchange my mini for a 20 gig iPod? and just pick up the difference on my credit card? possible?

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    That should be possible. I had a 3rd Gen 20 GB that they allowed me to turn in for a 4th Gen 20 GB with on problem
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    makes me think about not getting that green iPof mini after all.... <_<
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    makes me think about not getting that green iPof mini after all.... <_<
    Only about 1 in 1000 iPod minis have that problem. I have an iPod mini myself and it's perfectly fine, and a hell of a hot sexier than the regular iPod

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    If you had it plugged in through firewire, either into a power jack or your computer then you may of been experiancing that because you weren't grounded. I get that a lot but only if I'm touching it and my guitar amp is on... I like this >> :dummy:

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