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    iPod Touch syncing problem
    Hi all,

    Recently I bought an iPod touch, and it's great except the syncing problems I have.
    First, it cannot sync my contacts, calendar, and bookmarks from the computer: every time I try syncing I get the message "Inconsistencies in your sync information for Contacts/bookmarks/calendar were detected and have been repaired. The next sync for Address book, iCal, Safari and iPod Touch may take longer than usual", But on the next sync I get the same message.

    Additionally, iTunes (on Mac) doesn't backup my iPod. (it did backup when I used windows)

    I restored my iPod and reinstalled iTunes, but nothing helped.

    Does someone know what should I do?

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    this sounds really really lame but, I would suggest that you call tech support. If you bought you iPod Touch new, then your warranty should cover the phone support. Besides, Apple has some of the best Tech support out there. I would take advantage of your phone support while you still have it. Yup... that was a lame reply, but its all i got for ya. Good luck.

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