Made some good money on a photo shoot the other day, so I went out, splurged and picked up an 8G iPod touch.
I've wanted a Touch since they were first released; I have a cell phone already, so an iPhone wasn't even a consideration.

What a sweet little device.

Within 1/2 an hour of getting it home, I had it broken out of jail (iJailbreak is the best. ZiPhone got me stuck in the 'root loop'), synced my mail and calendar and my 1st Gen iPod Mini is now tucked away in a drawer.
The calendar and wifi features make it my "pda" and not just my iPod, too. I don't have to fumble with loose paper, looking for a pen or futzing with my cell phone's calendar when making appointments and such.

I'm having fun checking out all the iPhone/Touch apps. Springboard themes are cool - satisfies the 'modder' in me (ooh. another creative outlet for me to dive in to!!).

What are some of your favorite apps - say ones that aren't in the pre-existing repositories that come w/