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Thread: format an iPod ('caus it doesn't work anymore)

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    format an iPod ('caus it doesn't work anymore)

    a friend of mine got an ipod 3g, and the problem, that if he tries to start, a folder icon with a "!" appears.

    if i go to the diagnostic mode, and start the HDD test, that shows only "HDD FAIL".

    so, is it somehow possible to format the HDD of the iPod??

    he/it doesn't mount

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    You could try doing a software update if it would mount, but since it doesn't, it looks as though the harddrive may be shot...

    Since the test confirms this, I think you may have a dead ipod.

    Warranty? If not, cut your losses and sell the parts on eBay...

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    hm, is there no possiblilty to format the HDD of the iPod??

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