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    Change iPod's name?
    When i first got my ipod, i got this option to choose a name for my ipod. Now i want to change that name to something else. Anyone knows how to do that?

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    Ctrl Click and Get Info on your iPod on the desktop you should be able to change the name right there
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    Right click, get information.

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    ok..i tried the method suggested and it works. however i have a few minor problems.

    1. how come the name on my ipod is always in CAPS. can't i have it in Title Case?

    2. the name that shows up in itunes is still my old ipod name. why doesn't it update itself there? (i've tried ejecting and putting the ipod back on my comp.

    BTW, i'm using a 3G 20gb ipod and win2k pro. any ideas on how to solve the above two problems (besides buying a mac (which i'm thinking of but holding back cuz of budget constraints)) . =)

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