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    Hi everyone,

    Well I did it. We got our tax return earlier this month, told my wife I've been a good and patient boy, and I finally got my new 5th gen 80gb ipod that I won on ebay. I'm so happy!

    I'll retire my 10gb ipod but hold on to it for now. It can no longer be read on my imac, just charges only (I believe it may have been my first post here). Perhaps later I'll try to replace the logic board and see if it'll be as good as new.

    Anyway, after reformatting from PC to Mac, I got my tunes on it and now I'm working on putting some videos on it. One thing I noticed is that iTunes can "hold" any movie format, but it won't necessarily load it into the ipod. I have numerous .mov files from my dig camera of my little girls. I can play them in iTunes, but they won't transfer to the ipod. I've been using "MPEG Streamclip" for conversion to MP4 and that works on the ipod.

    This Streamclip app works well and can export to MP4, DV, AVI and others. So my question to you is: what app do you use to convert vids to ipod format? Anyone else use Streamclip? What file format do you recommend that keeps the file size fairly small and good to best quality? Streamclip also has a scaling feature. There's 640x480 unscaled and 720x480 DV-NTSC, plus others. Any recommendations on what scale to use?

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Take a look at Realbean Video Convertor. it will convert to many different video formats including iPod, I think it's about $20.



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    Or the free Handbrake, comes with 32 preset settings, iPod Video Lores and iPod video hires

    If handbrake cannot do it then ffmpeg X can

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