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    iPod only mounts temporarily!!
    i have a brand knew macbook and a 30gb ipod. i am currently trying to transfer songs from my old pc to my new macbook. i have the songs synced from my pc onto my ipod which is windows formatted. a few days ago i plugged my ipod into the computer and i noticed that it mounted on itunes and the desktop just so that i could see if my ipod worked with the macbook and it did. i know that you can change the format of the ipod by simply clicking restore on itunes while the ipod is plugged in. i did not want to do that until after i was done transferring my songs. so here's the problem. i was using ilinkpod so that i could drag my songs from the ipod to itunes and that has worked prefectly and i have all of them on itunes but i disconnected the ipod when it said on the screen "do not disconnect" and i know that i was not supposed to do that. i replugged the ipod and it seemed to mount fine onto itunes but not onto the desktop. i need it to mount onto the desktop so that i can use ilinkpod to put songs onto my itunes. it worked fine until i disconnected it improperly. when i plug the ipod into the computer i temporarily see the ipod mounted on the desktop and have even clicked on it and opened it but when itunes opens soon afterwards it disappears. here is what i have tried so far: i have tried 4 of the 5R's which are reset retry restart restore. i have not done reinstall cause i dont know how. maybe that will fix it. i have tried disk mode on the ipod and it didnt work. i have restarted the computer with the ipod plugged in and without. i have done the 4 out of 5R's while the ipod was plugged into the computer and when it was not to no avail. what did i mess up by unplugging my ipod incorrectly and how can i fix it? this is the first problem i have had with my ipod and computer. please help me quickly!!!! thank you in advance!!!

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    On your iPod's iTunes page, check "Enable Disk Use".

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    hey thanks jamiah that fixed it!!!!! that was to easy!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!

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