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    iPod viewer
    Hello All,
    O.k. I didn't consolidate my itunes library when I tried to move them to another drive. Now that that huge mistake is out in the open.......... So now, I am trying to import my songs from my ipod back to itunes using ipod viewer.. I have used this software once in the past and it worked great..This time around, it has taken like 15 hours to transfer 4.5 gig from a 30 gig ipod. I have it set to transfer artwork, playlists, and replace duplicates. The first time I used this, I only was dealing with maybe 5 gigs, but it certainly didn't take this long..
    The i pod is the bottle neck as far as transfer speed, I assume.
    Is there a quicker, easier, more logical ways of getting my songs back? I have them copied to an external drive, but as I forgot to consolidate the library,I can't get Itunes to find them on drive b.. I get the exclamation point to the left of every song and a pop up asking if want Itunes to find it...I answer, YES, PLEASE.....but to no avail.
    At this rate, it looks as if it's going to take a week to do this upload..This can't be right, right? Any thoughts at all would be greatly appreciated, Randy

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    Try MacFuse, MacFusion, and the iTunesFS all together.
    I've never done so, but the other FSs for MacFusion work quite well.
    schweb This has to be one of the best threads ever in MF history...
    Cherokee This gets my vote for most innovative thread on Mac-Forums... ever.

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    Thanks for the response, guilio. I believe I am having success w/ the ipod viewer, and as I have committed about 24 hours to the process so far, I am going to let it run it's course.. My question at the moment is the speed of the transfer.. it will take days at this rate. but that's o.k., as long as it works...
    But I did check and bookmark the links you posted and that I really appreciate.
    Any one else have comments?? Suggestions??

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