I find that I am unable to transfer the rented movies to my iPod. They do not automatically sync, as it says on some of the screens on the Apple website. iTunes instructions say "connect the device, select it [the iPod?] in iTunes, click the Movies tab [my Rented Movies are in the Rented Movies tab in iTunes; there is no corresponding tab on the iPod], select the movie, then click Move." I am unable to find any instruction for "Move". If I click the movie in iTunes, it asks me to start playing, which I do not want to do. Right-clicking opens a menu to "Get Info / Show Description / Show in Finder / Copy / Delete". None of the items on the menu (File / Edit / Controls / View etc.) offer a "Move" option. Clicking the Movies tab on the iPod shows a blank list, as I have not loaded any movies yet. No "Move" option. Right-clicking opens a menu to "Open / Eject / Sync / Transfer Purchases / Reset Warnings."
Where is this "Move" option? Why aren't my rental movies syncing automatically? I have the Movies options set to sync on the iPod summary screens. What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? I have a classic 30GB iPod with 22.36GB space available.

==> After finding a very helpful walkthrough on about.com, I realized that I do not have a "classic" iPod as I always thought... it's actually "5th generation video". So, even though I have a "Movies" tab on my iPod, I cannot actually download or watch movies on my iPod. Silly me.