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    iPod Touch - thinking of buying, in need of advice

    I was sniffing after the IPhone for months before it came out in the UK. When it came out the price and monthly contract blew me out of that market.

    So I started looking at the Ipod Touch. I already have the Ipod video. I then decided to go against buying it as I spend too much time on the internet as it is because of work.

    Well after a few months I started seeing that I was getting emails from people on their Iphone and I realised that it might actually help me get away from the desk. I can be sitting having a coffee in a free wi-fi space and do a little work. Getting away from the desk is a rare opportunity.

    I want to know a few things if you can help out please.

    I believe the touch can sync with my mac email. Can it sync with Entourage? Or do I need to go back to the original email program which I cant remember the name of right now. Would a switch back to the original program be a real headache? I use my mac for business so if I loose email its a big problem. I also have entourage projects on there.

    Being able to quickly check emails while I am out and about would be a help because I could answer short ones. This would save me time at the desk.

    How are people finding this function? Is it easy, convienient?

    The main workload will be posting in forums. I am a member of many forums, some are for my business. I need to regularly get in there and check if I need to answer questions.

    What is peoples experience of using it for forums? Is it easy to make posts?

    I will use it mainly for the living room. I can keep an eye on things without needing to be at my desk as we have WI-FI at home. Out and about town also. So I can quickly check up and see if anyone needs help.

    You opinions are appreciated and will help decide if i need this gadget or would be better off with something else. I am not keen on heavy monthly payment plans which is why the Ipod touch is attractive at the moment.


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    With my iPhone, I manually entered in the account information for my university's email and Gmail, both of which use IMAP. Then I set it to check every 15 minutes. I also have the accounts tied to Thunderbird on my Mac. It works flawlessly, and I get quite a bit of email everyday.

    I'm not sure whether it can sync with Entourage, but if you have an IMAP email account, then you don't really need to bother with syncing.

    Safari on the touch is exactly as if you were browsing the Internet on a computer, except for the lack of Flash. When I'm at work, I often find myself browsing and posting here at Mac-Forums, and it's not difficult at all.

    I would definitely recommend the touch for your stated purposes.

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    Get a iPhone.
    If you have at&t great
    if not jailbreak it. Its the best alternative
    You really get the bang for the buck with
    the iphone. on iphone is great,
    I have multiple email accounts synced with it.
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