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Thread: Is there really a reason to get a Touch?

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    Is there really a reason to get a Touch?
    I have a BB Pearl with a 2gb card in it, which can take up to 8gb. I have the data plan of course through Verizon. After some terrible experiences with Cingular in the past and not that great of coverage in some of the areas I travel to, I can't bring myself to go back to AT&T/Cingular/AT&T (again).

    I love the size of my Pearl. The Touch is SO appealing as well, or is it a novelty?? From reading everything, I don't think that it has much more to offer me than what I get from my Pearl. Yes, it has the cool screen, and it would be bigger, but I don't really watch videos on my "small" devices. I have Bluetooth stereo headphones for my Pearl, I'd have to get an aftermarket adapter for the Touch. This is a severe shortcoming of most all MP3 players on the market today. BT stereo headphones make a world of difference. I leave my Pearl on my desk and can walk around the office still listening to music.

    Okay so the touch has WiFi. My Pearl has the data plan. If I don't have broadband speeds (in the boonies then) I have the 1x data speed, still respectable. Of course the BB does all my mail as well.

    The only place that I see myself perhaps getting some use out of it, is if I got rid of Sirius in my car. I'd probably listen to the Touch in place of Sirius. Our local stations are beyond terrible around here. I find myself mainly listening to my music I grew up with, and not liking too many new bands.

    Am I missing something with the Touch? I'd love to get one, but I just think that I already have ONE device already that does it all. If I got a Touch, I'd have that to carry in addition to my BB. Talk me out of it!

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    Buy an 80GB or 160GB classic. That way you can store all of your music on one device.
    Then, get an adapter for your car and ditch Sirius. I never understood paying to listen to the radio - you can listen to what you want to hear using an iPod and there's no monthly fee.

    As for the ability to walk 5ft away from your desk using your BT headset....I'm sure you could stick the classic in your pocket when you leave your desk no?

    Seems like your torn between actual functionality and being the one with the latest gizmo...that's my .02.

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    Yes. I'm a gadget freak, much to my wife's chagrin. How often have I heard the latest gizmo line??? All to often!

    I probably would be better served by a large capacity iPod, I could put all my music on there as you said, and have a true backup of it at the same time.

    The one time I'd miss Sirius is during football season. I have to say that I probably listened to half of the Skins games on the radio (isn't a local broadcast for me). In regards to paying for radio... I can't imagine listening to terrestrial radio unless it is NPR which I do on the way into work for the news and traffic. You don't know how much you miss it till you go for a week without it!

    Thanks for the input!

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    Id, spend an extra $100 and get a iphone.
    I thought about getting a 8GB touch but then
    I realized for 100$ more i could have a iPhone
    which is wicked by the way
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    yea are you kidding me, apple makes the best products, not to mention the capability that iphones/itouchs have. you need to get it or you will be looked down upon by society
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    Do you really need anything other than food, water, and shelter??

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    Seems to me a touch would be a complete waste of your money. You won't be using it's main features, that being the large screen to watch videos and Wi-Fi to browse the Internet. Like The Grudge said, just get yourself a Classic and you'll be more than happy.

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    i have the BB pearl 8130 for sprint and a 16gb touch. i love both gadgets but i hate going on the internet with the pearl. the safari browser for the touch is so much better. one thing that would make me love both equally would be able to use my pearl to connect to my touch via bluetooth as a wireless modem. i also love it to have movies and tv shows playing while i sit in traffic because i drive a little over 100 miles a day for work 4 days a week. i know its not safe but i usually have comedy movies playing on it and i mainly listen to them, taking a glance at the screen every once in awhile.

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