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Thread: 3rd party app disk usage and iPhone as media player

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    3rd party app disk usage and iPhone as media player
    Two questions for those iPhone users

    1) For those of you already using 3rd party apps, how much space do they take up? I am wondering if a 16GB iPhone is really necessary.

    2) Do you use the iPhone as an iPod? I am curious how quickly this drains the battery? I have a smartphone and right now I do a lot of email and web browsing on it and I was wondering if I start using it for Podcasts or music or whatever, how much worse is battery life?

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    Many 3rd party apps are under 200KB/ea. The largest install I've seen is about 6MB, and its the BSD Subsystem.

    You'll be using the space for music and movies. Apps are not really a concern.
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