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    iPhone Album Art Issues.
    I have a few albums that do not carry their art over to the iphone. I know how to assign art to albums which itunes doesn't have. I've done it for may of my ripped CD's and all work but a few. An example would be Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits. I've copied the art to all the songs but when i sync it with the iphone the art doesn't show when I turn it on its side to view them in rolodex style. I can go to the artists tab and go to Bruce Springsteen, play a song from the album, then turn it back on its side and the art will be there. But if i try to rolodex to another album it dissapears. Has anyone else had this problem and have a solution???

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    I had a similar problem with my iPod Touch. The artwork would work in itunes but it did not work on the ipod. The way I solved it, after a few trials, was to take it off the album from the ipod and then re-sync it again. It seems to always work after I re-sync it. It still happens with me with some albums but after the re-sync it works.

    Hope this solves your problem.
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    I've seen this happen if the MP3 file on your computer has multiple album art files inside one MP3. You can check this by highlighting the song in iTunes, selecting "get info" and go to the artwork tab. See if there's a blank spot there. If so, highlight the blank spot and hit "delete" so there's only your one album art picture there. Then, resync the iPhone.
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