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    Lost & Found
    My brother lost his iphone a couple of months ago and claimed a new one insurance paying 25 excess ($50) however a few days ago my mother found it down the back of the sofa (couch ) and not sure what to do with it? It still turns on and can be used to surf the net, ipod, camera etc just not as a phone/cell anymore. Would i get in trouble if i use it an ipod and connect it to my mac? is there anyway they can tell its been reported as lost?

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    If the sim card has been deactivated, it may not even work as an iPod now. Itunes checks to make sure the iPhone is activated with a valid sim everytime the iPhone is connected. I have noticed that with the latest version of iTunes. I put a GoPhone sim in the iPhone that worked in the iPhone. Once I tried to sync it using iTunes, it told me the sim was not valid and that I needed to insert a valid iPhone sim.

    I'm not sure if you can jailbreak it to use it but with iTunes checking to see if it's activated, that may not work.
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    Check out - it is a free "must have" service for iphone owners!

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    Actually, what you're talking about here is insurance fraud, which is illegal, and therefore should not be discussed in this forum. What your brother should do is contact his insurance provider, tell them what happened and discuss with them what should be done next.

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    fleurya is correct.

    However, you could just turn on Airplane Mode and use the non-phone features.

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