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Thread: MacBook, iPhone, and Photos

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    MacBook, iPhone, and Photos
    Hey everyone.
    I had orginally sync'd my iphone with my wife's MacBook. I loaded a bunch of photo's from iPhoto. Santa was nice enough to leave me my own MacBook for XMas.

    Is there anyway for me to export the photo's that are on my iPhone to the new MacBook.

    It appears that I can only sync with the new iphoto which will delete all of the photo's that were previously loaded on my iPhone.

    Thanks if anyone can help.

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    Hi and Welcome to Mac-Forums!!!!!!!

    Santa was apparently very nice to you this Christmas. I hope you were very nice to Santa too!

    Probably the best thing you can do is simply copy the images from your wife's machine to a thumbdrive and copy them onto your machine. You could also burn a CD of the images from her machine and then you copy them to yours.

    What you want to do - wife's MacBook to your iPhone to your MacBook - I don't think is possible, even with photos you own yourselves.

    Hope this helps!
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