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    quick Iphone Data question
    so, I am thinking about getting the Iphone, but I have a quick question about the data.

    The $59.99 plan says it comes with unlimited data, but from some people I've been hearing that unlimited data is another $20 on top of the $60. is that true?

    And, I know someone who lives around 15 minutes from me, and they have ATT, but a regular ATT phone like the razr. they say that the calls are staticy and don't sound very good (I guess she doesn't get good coverage). would the calls sound better with the Iphone, or would they still be as staticy?

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    I had a raze and they suck for reception.

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    the data is unlimited with all iPhone plans, and you don't have to pay extra for it

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    While you don't technically pay anything over $59.99 besides taxes and fees, you still are paying for a data plan, it's just tacked on by default. The cost of the $59.99 plan without an iPhone data plan is $39.99, exactly $20 less, which is the cost of the unlimited MediaNet plan. With the iPhone, it's just been conveniently added into the package.

    To answer the original question, you don't pay anything on top of the $59.99. And reception is pretty good in most places. In fact, I've gotten reception in places that my Verizon friends didn't, interesting since Verizon stakes a claim to having the best network.

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    RAZR Reception
    I currently have an AT&T RAZR V3 XXX and get excellent reception/connections and I live in Hooterville (Southern Maryland). I am upgrading to an iPhone on 25 Dec.

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