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Zabumafu 10-21-2007 08:14 PM

Questions about a few 3rd party apps
I have a question about a few 3rd party apps and some other questions about installer app. also.

-What did the 2 new updates in the past 48 hours do to the installer app?

-What does the devicescape exactly do, I just turn it on, I log on , and it tells me to which wifi connection I am connected to. Is that all? Am I able to connect to different wifi internets that require a password or what?

-The Navizon GPS locater says its located me then it says.."Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range.". It has never worked for me but is it because I am in a rural area? I live in Jacksonville which isn't the most rural area.

-Does the more 3rd party apps you have on your phone make your phone slower or more prone to damage?

-Apollo Vs. MobileChat IM. Which do you like better and which one is more stable? I heard that JohnTool does something that keeps your network connection lasting longer. Is this true? I have actually noticed some longer connections but I am not sure. Does summerboard have a power managment thing that stops this? It said something about it in the information about JohnTool.

-How am I able to connect my iphone to my tv?


If you have IM forwarding or Facebook Forwarding, is there a way to get the numbers as when they are forwarded as texts to say the persons name? I used to edit the information and add the number which it was forwarded from as the person but sometimes it will categorize it as someone else.

Example: John Williams- Kelly wrote on your wall...

Kelly wrote on my wall and it says John Williams did. Is there no way to fix this?

Thanks may update later as I get some.

pballa2099 10-21-2007 10:59 PM

this is against the EULA read the forum rules

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